Reeling in Success: A Deep Dive into Instagram Reels for Business admin July 13, 2023

Reeling in Success: A Deep Dive into Instagram Reels for Business

Social media marketers are swimming in a sea of platforms and their features. And with a buffet this diverse at your disposal, is Instagram Reels a dish your brand should be sampling? 

Let’s breakdown the power of Reels for businesses – how to use them and who’s already winning with them—to figure out if they warrant your time and energy.

First Up, What’s the Deal with Instagram Reels?
Instagram Reels have amped up big time. They’re no longer just blips on your Stories that disappear after a day. Now, they stick around on your Instagram until you bid them adieu. 

But what are they? Vertical, full-screen videos that can run up to a whole 15 minutes. Full of snazzy editing tools, sound bites, and the trendiest voices on the ‘Gram. Plus, you can add captions, stickers, backgrounds, upload multiple clips, apply filters, and heaps more! 

A big bonus: Reels get more love on Instagram than statics or carousels. Better chances of popping up on someone’s feed? Yes, please! 

Instagram Reels, Go All-In?
That’s the question on every social media marketer’s mind. Let’s slice and dice it:

  • As of 2023, Instagram is said to have over 2.3 billion users.
  • It has a solid hold on Millennials, with 76.2% preferring it over other platforms.
  • Its users are mainly 25-34 – an age group that’s more inclined to have the financial resources for product purchases.
  • Unlike its muse, TikTok, which has solidified its place as an entertainment hub, Instagram is known to be the crib for brands and influencers.
  • India is known to have the largest number of Instagram users, accounting for 229.55 million people – showcasing the greatest potential for ad-generated revenue. (As of January 2023).
  • Average Instagram visits last 28 minutes. That’s a biggie for marketers!

Sources: Demand Sage, Agorapulse, Statista

Why Should Businesses Care About Instagram Reels?
Since its 2010 birth, Instagram has been a haven for businesses. Now, it’s a goldmine, with killer creator tools and serious audience ROI. It’s engaging, addicting, and a canvas for creativity.

Perks of Reels for your business? Check these out:

1. Brand Awareness 
The numero uno benefit of Reels is the boost to brand visibility. Reels are right at the top of your Feed and they’re super easy to access. Swipe up and you’re onto the next one. And, thanks to Instagram’s sneaky algorithm, if you’re into something, you’ll see more of it.

For brand recognition, Reels are the champs. They interact with 2 billion people every month. And predictions say Instagram will host 2.5 billion monthly active users by 2023.
For example, Nexa paired with Meta #MadeOnReels for a Reels campaign to launch their latest car Fronx that increased brand awareness. The campaign caused:

– A 2.6pts lift in ad recall

– A 2.9pts lift in campaign awareness

Source: Meta

2. Show Off Your Fun Side 
Reels let your brand’s creative side shine! They make your brand feel relatable, even if it’s typically seen as corporate or unrelatable. Take Zomato, for instance. They’re nailing it on Reels,  expertly making a concept like a food delivery app more digestible and relatable.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell 
And finally, let’s talk shop. Instagram is a killer spot for selling products, especially since shopping habits have shifted big time post-lockdown. 

With Instagram’s slick shopping features, you can:

– Customize your Shop with Collections
– Tag up to 30 products or a collection in your Reels
– Use Product Detail Pages to share pricing and descriptions
– And let users checkout directly in-app 

And hey, if you don’t yet have a shop, don’t fret! Instagram’s Boost options are there to save the day. These paid promotional features ensure your ads reach the right audience, effectively turning your content into a shopping window for potential customers! 

Ready to step up your Insta game? Time to get Reel!