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Once upon a time, there was a super cool startup called Paprika Idea Labs, and they were rocking the social media game like nobody’s business! But one day, while working with restaurants and bars for events, the founders noticed something strange. The content being produced by these places just wasn’t as good as what the TimeOut brand was offering.

So, being the savvy entrepreneurs that they were, the trio decided to offer their expertise as a service, and Social Pill was born! And what started as a social media vertical within Paprika Idea Labs, quickly grew into a full-fledged agency.

In just two years, from 2017 to 2019, Social Pill went from working with three brands to over 15! And now, the company has worked with over 200+ brands, launching 25 of them across 6 different countries! Now an award-winning agency that provides a holistic approach to digital marketing, Social Pill has definitely made an impact in the digital marketing world!

MeetThe Pillars

Our Pillars aka Founders, who belong to three different decades, bring diverse perspectives, expertise, and wealth of experiences to the table.

Having worked with some of the most reputed brands in the industry, their knowledge and insights have been instrumental in building our company and delivering exceptional services to our clients.

With over two decades of experience in senior management, Rajnish is a master at turning companies around. He has led national marketing and sales functions for renowned brands such as Panasonic, Mid-Day, Time Out India, and WorldSpace. Before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Rajnish was the CEO of Essar Group Media, where he proved his mettle as a leader. At Social Pill, he heads the company’s Finance, HR and Marketing roles.
Rajnish Rawat
Co-Founder & CEO
Neelesh brings close to 20 years of experience in technology and digital. Prior to joining our team, he was the Head of Technology and Innovations for Publicis India (Beehive), and has also worked for brands like Siemens, Tata, Shaadi.com, Essar, TimeOut India, and DigiEd. At Social Pill, he heads the technical services such as Performance Marketing, SEO, Website Development and is the driving force behind our digital success.
Neelesh Pednekar
Co-Founder & Head of Digital
An Alumnus of St. Xavier's college, Aditya started his career at Zomato as a Sales and Marketing Manager. He then worked with Rajnish, at TimeOut India, where he spearheaded social media, restaurant & sponsor tie-ups and executed event IPs. At Social Pill, he heads the creative side of digital, leading the Social Media, Video Production and Content creation teams.
Aditya Premani
Co-founder & Head of Social
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Creativity Meets Performance

A successful digital strategy includes the perfect balance between creativity and performance. These two elements are inter-dependent; one cannot be valuable without the other.

It’s common for brands to produce a visually stunning video that receives very few likes or to have a poorly executed creative generate high engagement. However, both scenarios can negatively affect the brand’s overall positioning and long-term growth.

At Social Pill, we take pride in developing strategies that achieve both creative excellence and high-performance outcomes. Our approach integrates these two essential components seamlessly, ensuring optimal results for our clients.