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Classes starting August 1st Week, 2023
Learn Search Engine Optimization Social Media Management Facebook Ads Google Ads Tracking & Analytics Local SEO
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Course Highlights

Course Structure

– Basics of digital marketing
– Significance in today’s business landscape
– Key principles and concepts
– Differences between brand and agency environments
– Challenges and opportunities in each setting
– Roles and responsibilities in brand and agency contexts
– On-Page Optimization:
– Website structure, content, and meta tags optimization
– Keyword research and optimization techniques
– Off-Page Optimization:
– Backlinks, link building strategies, and best practices
– Guest blogging, influencer outreach, and social bookmarking
– Content Generation for SEO:
– Creating SEO-friendly content
– Keyword optimization and content promotion strategies
– Leveraging Digital Marketing for Local Businesses:
– Local search optimization techniques
– Local business directory listings and reviews management
– Facebook Advertising for Local Businesses:
– Targeting local audiences on Facebook
– Creating effective ad campaigns for local businesses
– Google Advertising for Local Businesses:
– Local targeting with Google Ads
– Campaign setup, optimization, and conversion tracking
– Ideation for Social Media:
– Developing a social media strategy
– Identifying target audiences and objectives
– Creation for Social Media:
– Creating engaging content and visual design elements
– Tools and techniques for social media graphics/videos
– Execution of Social Media Campaigns:
– Scheduling, publishing, and community management
– Monitoring and optimizing social media analytics
– Online Reputation Management (ORM):
– Importance and strategies for maintaining online reputation
– Handling negative reviews and feedback effectively
– Installing and Configuring Google Analytics 4:
– Setting up an account and tracking code installation
– Configuring settings and data streams
– Setting up Pixel and Events in Facebook:
– Integrating Facebook Pixel and tracking custom events
– Using Facebook Analytics for insights and optimization
– Setting up Events in Google Analytics:
– Tracking user interactions and conversions
– Analyzing event data and optimizing marketing strategies
– Google Ads
– Facebook Ads
– YouTube Campaigns
– Display Campaigns
– Conversion / Sales Campaigns
– Lead Generation Campaigns

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