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Click Here to open AU Bank Savings Account.

Explore AU Small Finance Bank Savings Account Options on SocialPill.in

AU Small Finance Bank understands the diverse banking needs of every individual. With an array of savings account options available, you can choose the perfect fit for your financial aspirations:

  • AU Royale: A premier account for those maintaining a high balance, offering exclusive services and privileges.
  • AU Platinum: Experience augmented benefits such as higher interest rates and priority customer services.
  • AU Standard Savings Account: An account tailored for everyday banking requirements.
  • AU Digital Savings Account: Embrace the future with digital banking. Avail competitive interest rates and enjoy 24/7 access to your money.

Dive into an unmatched banking experience designed specifically for wealth management and growth. Open your AU Savings Account now.

Interest Rates on AU Savings Account

Reap the benefits of an enticing interest rate up to 7.25%* p.a., credited directly to your account every month. Want to know more? Check our Savings Account Interest Rate Calculator.

Documents to Open AU Savings Account on SocialPill.in

Before you dive into the AU Banking experience, ensure you have the following KYC documents:

Identity Verification:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID

Proof of Address:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Utility Bill
  • Voter ID

Don’t forget two passport-sized photographs and the completed application form. For our existing patrons, use the AU 0101 App or AU 0101 NetBanking to conveniently open your account.

Innovative Video Banking for Savings Account Opening

Elevate your banking experience! With AU Video Banking, open your savings account from the comfort of your home. Ensure a seamless video call by prepping with a camera-enabled device, stable internet, and signature essentials. Ready to begin? Click here.

Offline Account Opening

Preferring face-to-face interaction? Just approach the nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch with your documents.

Monthly Interest Perks

Why wait quarterly or yearly? Get monthly interest payouts with select AU Savings Accounts, enhancing your regular income and assuring financial flexibility.

AU Savings Account Features on SocialPill.in:

  1. Monthly Interest: Get up to 7.25%* p.a. interest credited directly every month.
  2. Visa Gold Debit Card: Unleash a world of lifestyle privileges and offers.
  3. Video Banking: Go 100% digital and paperless.
  4. Dedicated Assistance: Personalized service through our Relationship Officer.
  5. 24/7 Fund Access: Use AU 0101 App or AU 0101 NetBanking anytime, anywhere.
  6. Extended Banking Time: AU branches open until 6 pm^ for your convenience.

Benefits of AU Savings Account on SocialPill.in

With AU Savings Account, redefine your banking:

  • Hassle-free deposits.
  • Doorstep banking amenities.
  • Automated payments with Visa Gold Debit Card.
  • Secure savings while achieving financial milestones.
  • Instill monetary discipline.

Interest Calculation for Savings Account

Ever wondered about your interest calculation? Here’s a simple formula:

Interest = Daily balance x (Number of Days) x Interest / (Days in a Year)

For instance, with a balance of INR 1 lakh at 5% interest p.a., you earn:

1 lakh x 30 x (5/100) / 365 = INR 410.95

Essentials While Opening AU Savings Account on SocialPill.in

  1. Selection: Familiarize yourself with various AU Bank Savings Accounts to identify the best.
  2. Documentation: Assemble necessary papers for a seamless process.
  3. Updated Contact Details: Provide current contact information for effortless bank communication.
  4. Video KYC Readiness: Ensure your device and internet are ready for Video KYC.

Ready to experience a new age of banking? Click here to open your AU Bank Savings Account on SocialPill.in.

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